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The indigenous population, especially women, are excluded from having access to production, justice, political participation and land. An indigenous Maya Mam human rights defender and politician, Thelma Cabrera ran for president in 2019 as part of the Movement for the Liberation of People’s party. Growing up in a campesino family in a rural community on the west coast of Guatemala, she has devoted her life to improving the lives of the poor. Her unexpected rise in the polls during her presidential campaign brought her worldwide attention. She is only the second indigenous person in Guatemala to run for president, after Rigoberta Menchu.

  • The groundbreaking case resulted in the conviction of two former military officers of crimes against humanity and granted 18 reparation measures to the women survivors and their community.
  • They also include the construction of the first local high school, a health clinic and a monument to the women’s husbands – but the state will not start the building work so long as Sepur Zarco’s people don’t have legal title to the land.
  • But after more than 30 years, the women and supporting organisations – the National Union of Guatemalan Women, Women Transforming the World and the Community Studies and Psychosocial Action Team – are determined to achieve the restorative justice that they have been struggling for all this time.
  • In both ethnic groups, the proportion of pregnancies for which women used institutional prenatal care and delivery and the proportion of women who used modern contraceptives rose with schooling, household wealth and access to electricity.

More women have faced challenges to advance their careers while they take care of their children in lockdown. A 2013 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Paz y Paz became Guatemala’s attorney general in 2010 and soon became known for implementing improvements in a justice system known for corruption and impunity. Her prosecutors used DNA testing, wiretaps and technology to bring convictions for homicide, rape, violence against women, kidnapping and other crimes. It’s the women in the communities that are most negatively effected by the construction of the Pojom II and San Andrés dams. Stomach and skin diseases become more common, especially amongst women, who stand in the polluted water when washing clothes, and children who play in the rivers.

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Although the civil war ended in 1996, indigenous people’s ongoing distrust of the ladino government may make them hesitant to seek health care services at government-run facilities, whose personnel are predominantly ladino. Indigenous people are particularly suspicious of government-run family planning programs, which many perceive as part of a ladino “plot” to diminish the indigenous population. To monitor the implementation of the recommendations provided by human rights entities, an alliance was established with OHCHR to strengthen the capacities of the Ombudsman Office, and to reinforce the institutional framework of women and civil society. The main cooperation relationships include the Peace Building Fund Department of State and Justice Rapid Response . These include the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Judicial Body and the National Civilian Police. It will also continue strengthening the capacities in the national courts to prosecute cases of women survivors and victims of violence during the armed conflict.

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Additionally, these reparations include reopening dossiers for land restitution and calling for the Government to institute local community development projects. These measures seek to address the broader causes and consequences of the violences perpetrated against these women and their communities.

Oxfam in Guatemala works to help indigenous women and other communities living in poverty to become organized, to participate actively, and have greater access to power and recognition, as well as enjoying a fair distribution of existing resources. Guatemalan Mayan indigenous women in traditional clothing selling products on the local market of Solola near Panajachel, Atitlan Lake, Guatemala.Guatemalan Mayan indigenous women in traditional clothing selling products on the local market of Solola near Panajachel, Atitlan Lake, Guatemala. The United Nations, through its special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, has already expressed its “deep concern” about the current risks for the rule of law in Guatemala. US vice president Kamala Harris showed her support for the rule of law in Guatemala by meeting with several exiled justice operators, including Paz, Aldana and Porras. While Spain may be unable to extradite the accused, international arrest warrants at least prevent them leaving Guatemala. Pressure from Madrid has forced Guatemalan courts to start trying human rights cases from the war. In the meantime, the courage of these women, who face rejection for speaking the truth, will help others who suffer rape as a weapon of war to become more visible.

Despite the authorities’ continued search for Siekavizza’s body in various cemeteries across the country, no trace of her has ever been found. A first attempt Guatemalan women at this difficult analysis was carried out by the research team of the Catholic Church-sponsored Project for the Recuperation of the Historic Memory .

With her new knowledge and network, she felt more determined and empowered than ever to stand up for the rights of other young women and indigenous people in Guatemala. “This sets a precedent for national courts around the world. Hopefully we will now see how it spreads to other countries from Spain,” says Soria. “Society puts the rape and torture of woman on a par with stealing cattle or burning crops. This must change, and these women have to stop being invisible.” Earlier in the morning, activists laid out 41 pairs of shoes in the plaza, each with a name of one of the teenage girls killed in the fire.