When to Choose Veneers in Scottsdale Over Bleaching Your Teeth

When to Choose Veneers in Scottsdale Over Bleaching Your Teeth

A brilliant smile is a thing of beauty. There is no denying that a well-cared for smile lights up the room. When seeking to improve their smile, many patients often consider teeth whitening to be the default option. Bleaching your teeth to gain a brighter smile is a well-known technique, but does not always produce the results people desire. When are Veneers in Scottsdale favorable over traditional teeth whitening by bleaching?

Unfortunately, many times patients do not realize that the color of their teeth does not solely define their smile until after treatment. Patients come in desiring a picture perfect smile and believe a quick whitening treatment will solve all their problems. However, afterwards they are often disappointed with the results. When properly applied, bleaching does yield high quality results. The problem is people tend to focus solely on the color of their teeth when this is only a portion of the issue. The shape, contour, and harmony of their teeth play a huge role in the aesthetic appeal of your smile. When color is improved, other flaws suddenly become more apparent.

Porcelain veneers offer a permanent and pain free way to change your whole smile, including the shade, shape, size and position of your teeth. Bleaching yields the best results on younger patients who possess straight teeth with few signs of wear or tear. The average patient’s teeth are flawed. They are crooked, either too long or too short, and possess at least a couple of small chips. Unfortunately, these small flaws are amplified by bleaching.

Many patients consider veneers after being disappointed with the results of teeth whitening. If you are unhappy with your smile, contact My Scottsdale Dentist. Dr. Poulos and Dr. Stevens will evaluate your teeth and review your options. They will be happy to explain how veneers create a beautifully shaped, long lasting smile, not just whiter teeth.

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