Can You Actually “Catch” Cavities?

Can You Actually “Catch” Cavities?

We’ve all been told how important preventative dental care is. Regular check ups, brushing and flossing are things our parents instilled in us from the time we were young.

We’ve also been told over and over again how to keep our teeth healthy. You’ve probably been told that you shouldn’t eat sugary things too often because it’s bad for your teeth. Maybe you’ve cut down on soda, hard candies, or your favorite chocolate bar to save yourself from cavities. However, did you know that you can actually “catch” cavities from someone else’s mouth? wrote an article about how contagious cavities actually are. You might be surprised to find out that the bacteria that cause cavities can transfer from mouth to mouth. This can happen via kissing, sharing food, or even feeding your little ones after you’ve tasted a bite to make sure it’s not too hot. Not only do you have to watch your own oral hygiene, but you also have to watch the hygiene of those around you. If not, you could end up with cavities when you have worked so hard to fend them off. Preventative Dental care is not just about your own dental health.

The good news is that by practicing good preventative dental care with regular brushing, flossing, and visits to your dentist, you can keep your teeth in excellent health. Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens will work with you to make sure your smile is exactly what you want it to be. Whether that means regular dental checkups, veneers, or teeth whitening, My Scottsdale Dentist wants to help you have the best smile and the healthiest teeth.

If you are looking for a new family dentist, or for Cosmetic Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ, please contact us to schedule an appointment. We are a full service family dental practice working with patients of all ages. We look forward to seeing you.

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